Gardening 101: Sustainable Landscape Design for Your Dubai Home

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You’ve undertaken a new landscaping project but want your gardening company in Dubai to avoid using scarce natural resources andΒ products that are harmful to the environment. Here are some landscaping ideas to design your garden in anΒ eco-friendly way. Any experienced gardener in Dubai should be able to implement them.


Xeriscaping is a landscaping philosophy that focuses on creating beautiful landscaping designs that preserve water. This is a perfect philosophy to look for in Dubai as natural freshwater resources are scarce. First and foremost, this type of landscaping involves using indigenous plants. For example, palm trees, cacti and succulents can easily be implemented into a beautiful landscapeΒ design that requires very little water use as these plants are native to the desert environment. Another water-saving switch for your garden would be replacing natural grass with artificial grass. This will help keep your lawn green all year long without using any water.

Finally, in an effort to conserve water, xeriscaping experts suggest you use an automatic sprinkler system rather than watering your plants by hand. This will give your plants only the amount of water they need without any excess. To make sure the plants absorb the water and only minimal amounts are absorbed in the soil or evaporated, it is recommended that soil be covered in mulch or even gravel.

Permeable Pavement

Permeable paving is another water saving landscaping method that is extremely easy to implement. Instead of paving walkways with a non-permeable material, the area will be covered with material that water can pass through to reach the soil. This will help eliminate water runoff, as well as reduce the amount of evaporation of water in your garden and around your home.

Composting is your Friend

You have probably been told over and over again how important it is to fertilize your garden. In fact, you probably already know that your plants will probably last only a short amount of time if they aren’t fertilized regularly. The only issue with fertilization is the amount of chemicals used to create the fertilizers for common gardens. The production and use of many of these products can be very detrimental to the environment. The good news is that you can easily avoid these types of products by creating your own natural and organic fertilizer. All you need to do is get a large bin, place some dirt and a few worms in it, and constantly add your kitchen and gardening scraps to this bin. After the worms break down the nutrients in the scraps, you can use the soil to fertilize your garden!

Create an Outdoor Seating Area with Sustainable Materials

It is very easy to find a landscaping company in Dubai that will build a deck or gazebo for you out of eco-friendly wood. Eco-friendly wood refers to natural wood that was sustainably harvested, or composite wood. These options are a bit more expensive than non-sustainable options, but they can actually last longer and help you save the environment! You may also need a retaining wall to accentuate your landscape and boost property value.

Creating an easy to maintain and sustainable landscaping design for your Dubai home is a lot easier than you think. Just share your requirements withΒ your landscaping company in DubaiΒ and ask them to help you create the perfect landscape. Find the best gardeners in Dubai and receive free quotes throughΒ ServiceMarket today.

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