5 Tips to Manage a Self-Storage Unit in Dubai Like a Pro

There are many reasons you could need a self-storage unit in Dubai. Maybe you are moving to a new home and don’t have space. Your family may be growing or changing and has different needs. Whatever reason you have for requiring storage in Dubai, we can help. Start by finding the right storage services on ServiceMarket and then use these five tips to manage your unit like a pro.  

1) Use similar-sized boxes and label them

Use sturdy boxes that should ideally be the same size or no more than two different sizes. Stack them according to their weight by placing the heaviest ones at the bottom and work your way up. Label them clearly so you know exactly what is in each box. Store similar or related items in the same box. For example, don’t pack your swim gear with winter coats. You will thank yourself later when you find everything you need for your spooky bash in a box labelled halloween party supplies!

2) Create a pathway

Depending on the size of your storage unit, create a pathway that will allow you to move around and find what you need. This is especially useful when you are trying to reach items in the back of the unit. It also allows air to flow through your unit which is good for the stored items. If you don’t have any space to move around or sort through your belongings, consider upgrading to a larger self-storage unit in Dubai. 

3) Make a list and a map 

Make a comprehensive list of every item in your storage unit. You may know exactly what you are packing in the moment, but a year later, your memory may not be as clear. Start the list as you start packing and add each item as you go. Digitize the list and refer to it every time you need to account for an item. No more futile trips to look for something you have likely stored at home. A map of the unit identifying exactly where everything is will also be extremely helpful. You can even stick it inside the unit and use it as a reference. 

4) Arrange efficiently  

Think about your items and arrange them according to the frequency with which you will need them. Store the ones you will need more often at the front. For example, if you have a small space and often have overnight guests you probably need to store that air mattress right up front! Be smart about using the storage space. Disassemble furniture, store heavy/sturdy items at the bottom and place more fragile items on top so there isn’t a lot of weight on them. 

5) Use proper packing materials and precautions

Protect your items and pack them in appropriate storage materials. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap. Beware of moisture as it can start a mold and mildew epidemic. For example, if you are storing a refrigerator make sure it is completely dry before you put it in the unit. Check with your storage service to make sure you are not storing any prohibited items. 

Don’t let the pile of boxes and items intimidate you. Follow these tips for a highly organized and easily accessible unit that will add convenience to your life. Now that you know how to organize like a pro, find the best storage services in Dubai through ServiceMarket.

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