What Is the Cost of Villa Movers in Abu Dhabi?

Villa movers in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to villa moving in Abu Dhabi, there are so many costs associated with relocating to the city including rent of the transporting truck, the price of packing materials, and labor.

However, if you plan your move ahead of time and execute it efficiently, you can significantly reduce your total moving expenses. Some villa movers in Abu Dhabi offer exceptional prices. Read on to know the details, and then hire the best villa movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

Property Sizes and the Cost of Villa Movers in Abu Dhabi

Several variables affect how much it will cost to relocate a villa. The size of your residence, overall inventory size, the number of items, and travel time are all examples of such variables. Price estimates are provided to you, taking into account these elements.

However, rather than purchasing services individually, it is more cost-effective to subscribe to a package that includes everything you need. In this way, you will spend less money with minimal effort required. Following are some estimates for you to understand. These estimations of the cost of villa moving in Abu Dhabi are based on service packages that cover everything from packing to unloading. 

1. A 2-Bedroom Villa

Cost Range: AED 3,000 to AED 4,000

The movers will relocate your two-bedroom villa for a cost between AED 3,000 and AED 4,000. Moving more furniture and belongings from a larger home can take more time and effort. More boxes, more time to pack, more movers to move, and a better truck are required to accommodate these items. All of this adds to the already high cost of moving.

2. A 3-Bedroom Villa

Cost Range: AED 4,000 to AED 5,000

The movers will relocate your three-bedroom villa for a cost between AED 4,000 – AED 5,000. Moving a higher volume of furniture and belongings from a larger home can take more time and effort. More boxes, more time to pack, more movers to move, and a better truck are required to accommodate these items. All of this adds to the already high cost of moving. 

3. A 4-Bedroom Villa

Cost Range: AED 5,000 to AED 6,000

Villas with four bedrooms feature a larger space. Some of the villas of this type are two stories tall with at least 5 bathrooms. As a result, the costs to relocate a four-bedroom villa are nearly twice as high as they would typically be for a smaller villa. For a move of this kind, plan on spending between AED 5,000 and AED 6,000.

4. A 5-Bedroom Villa

Cost Range: AED 6,000 to AED 7,000

If you’re relocating to a five-bedroom villa, prepare your budget between AED 6,000 and AED 7,000. Most movers comply with this amount, which includes all charges and expenses incurred. However, the moving facility providers may charge more for villas with multiple flights of stairs because of the extra labor involved in lifting and repositioning heavy furniture from the steps.

5. Sizes Beyond 6-Bedroom Villas

The cost significantly increases when moving a six-bedroom residence, which could be between AED 7,000 and AED 8,000. However, remember that other variables such as a surplus of inventory may add to the total cost.

How to Cut Back on the Expense of Relocating a Villa in Abu Dhabi

No matter what type of move it is, costs can quickly escalate if you don’t plan in advance. But there are some simple ways through which you can reduce the overall expense of moving. These include:

  • Book movers one month in advance to avoid paying extra with short notice.
  • You may also choose a cheaper date and time to moveΒ 
  • To save money, always inquire about bundle offers from movers.
  • Get rid of extra stuff by selling, giving, or throwing it away before the move.
  • Get quotes from multiple movers and choose the one that matches your budget
  • Notify your utility and electricity providers about your move so they stop sending you bills there.

Services Offered by Villa Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

To make the transition to your new villa as smooth as possible, it is a great idea to take help from dedicated professionals who are trained for the job. Volunteering to handle the entire move yourself can not only be physically demanding but mentally challenging as well. By hiring experts, you will be entitled to quality services and professionalism so you won’t have to worry about anything regarding the shift. There are numerous benefits of hiring villa movers and packers, let’s have a look at some of them.

Proper Planning

Experienced movers understand that each move is unique and requires a proper plan to initiate the moving process. For this purpose, the first step they take is to visit the location of the shift to analyze the scope of the entire move. After careful analysis of all the furniture and equipment and client requirements, a strategic plan is developed that matches the customer’s budget and needs. 

Efficient Dismantling & Secure Packing

When the day arrives, a team of experts reaches the house to start the packing process. Using their vast experience and knowledge, they begin by disassembling all the furniture and equipment. Once that is done, these experienced professionals move on to packing all types of electric appliances, furniture, and equipment using their specialized techniques that help minimize losses and scratches.

When you hire expert villa movers, you also don’t have to worry about arranging packing materials. These professionals bring all the specialized packing material needed for the move including tape, bubble wrap, boxes, packing sheets, and other such items. As you entrust them with your most valuable belongings, they make sure to pack all the items securely so there is no risk of damage.

Careful Labeling

After packing all the goods efficiently, these moving specialists label all the boxes and items meticulously. This way,  when these goods reach the new location it is easier to place them in relevant rooms.

Safe Loading, Unloading & Transportation

Once all the stuff is securely packaged in boxes and carefully labeled, the expert team loads the cartons onto the assigned vehicles taking all safety precautions. These experienced professionals are well aware of how to properly place all items on the vehicle to maximize safety and reduce any damage that may occur due to bumps. Proper care is also taken while offloading the items securely from the trucks. They have all the necessary tools and equipment to load and offload heavy-duty furniture and equipment from trucks. They guarantee the safe transportation of all sensitive equipment even in unfavorable weather conditions.

Fast Re-Assembling

After safely transporting all the valuables to your new villa, the trained villa movers re-assemble all the furniture quickly as they are trained to do so. Moreover, they assist in placing furniture and appliances as per your requirements.


The cost of villa movers in Abu Dhabi varies based on the size of the property, the number of items, and convenience when relocating. These prices typically cover everything from packing to unloading at the new location. If you are planning to move, go to ServiceMarket and book villa movers in Abu Dhabi. They will make your overall moving experience a breeze!

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