What to Expect from a Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

moving company in Abu Dhabi

Hiring a local moving company in Abu Dhabi during your move is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. While it may be possible to pack and move by yourself, movers in Abu Dhabi can lift the weight off your shoulders as they handle the moving process on your behalf. 

However, some are hesitant to book movers and packers in Abu Dhabi because they aren’t sure what to expect from their services. Below are some of the bottom-line musts that you can expect from a moving company in Abu Dhabi:Β 

1. Move Consultant

A good moving company in Abu Dhabi should be able to offer you a coordinator or contact person who will help you in planning and evaluating your moving needs. In most cases, the person will even visit your premises to assess the items and advise you on the packaging. If the move will involve more than one shift load, they will organize what goes first and inform you.

2. Packing and Loading Assistance 

The homeowner shouldn’t have to be the one to buy packing material unless they decide to pack some essential items before the movers arrive.

A professional moving company takes complete responsibility for packing your items, disassembling furniture (if any), and loading them into the truck professionally so that nothing gets damaged during transit. Some companies also provide help with unpacking if that is part of the contracted agreement. 

3. Insured Vehicles

It is always good to have your moving company confirm that their vehicles are insured in case they end up in an accident. Although vehicle insurance does not cover your items, it will ensure that no liability is attached to you should anything happen during the time you have contacted them.

4. Service Crew

These are the assistants who will help in moving your items from the house to the vehicles and into the new house. The contract should indicate how many assistants you are entitled to, to ensure that the move does not take longer than necessary.

5. Service Contract

This details all the costs and the extent of service that you will be provided. Is important that all the details including damages, fixing, packaging, and any other little thing you have agreed on to be put on paper. This covers you in case the service is not delivered as agreed.

6. Service Guarantee

You have probably heard some people complaining about how a moving company disappointed them by not providing the service as agreed. A good mover should be able to give you a service guarantee to ensure that they resolve any arising issues amicably at the end of the contract.

7. Options for Moving Pets

If you have pets that need to be moved, there are companies that offer this service and if not, they can offer you alternatives. This should be made clear before the contract is signed to ensure that you do not risk your animal’s well-being through unconventional moving.


It is recommended that you always have a clear discussion with the movers in Abu Dhabi to learn about their services and declare your expectations. Remember that when you are moving locally, the best way to protect your items is to get home insurance which also covers local transit of the insured items. This means that your risk is minimized in case of any damage. 

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2 thoughts on “What to Expect from a Moving Company in Abu Dhabi”

  1. Christopher Seeley

    Informative article you got there Maria. The hardest part when moving to a new place is finding a good and reputable moving company, it can be very stressful, but very rewarding when you find a good one.

  2. I tried Apex Global Movers ,they are the worst movers ever tried in Abu dhabi. Not profesionnal at all;careless, wrost packaging ; they assemble my expenssive cupboard all wrong till i called another profesionnal mover to fix it. They didnt finish there job.didnt fix the desk, art wall frames, unpacking the utensils from the boxes, no curtains, nothing at all even they didnt finish moving all my staff from my old home. They request another day to come to just fix the cupboard which they didnt all wrong. Every time i call their office to complain to their manager is not there. Very very bad company . Please dont try at alllllll.

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