Your Guide to Budgeting for Your Dubai Office Move

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Are you moving work to a new location in Dubai? Do you have a clear plan for office moving? If so, having a budget plan is essential whether you book office movers in Dubai

or do it all on your own. Here are a few tips to budget for your big move:

Have a Clear Budget Plan for Office Moving in Dubai

There are several costs to consider if you’re planning an office move. In addition to the hiring cost, you must factor in other overhead expenses such as the cost of purchasing new furniture, office supplies, setting up utility services, etc. Make an estimate of your total cost before committing to any move, including the rent of your existing and new place. Also, take measurements of your furniture like conference tables, cabinets, desks, etc. Once you know the dimensions, you can compare them with the space at the new location and know which items to not move. All this would help you plan a cost-effective and efficient office move. 

Make an Inventory List

Your next logical step should be to make a list of the whole inventory to ensure that you have all the necessary items, equipment, and furniture for your new office. In addition, you should create a floor plan for the new office space, including the seating locations of each employee, so that you know which items will need to be moved and where. This will also help you know exactly what specialty items or decoration pieces would be suitable at the new office. 

You should also add packing supplies such as boxes and tape to that list, so you don’t end up buying extra supplies.

Find Ways to Cut Various Costs & Stay Within the Budget

One way to reduce your moving costs and stay within your budget is by selling office supplies and furniture you may not need at the new place. You can sell used items like binders and old paper files, as well as unwanted furniture. Take care to dispose of these items a month before the move to make the process easier and less expensive. Before deciding to sell off surplus items, make sure to list all the items in your office. It will ensure that you know the value of each item separately. 

Another way to cut costs is to recycle or upcycle your old furniture and fixtures instead of buying new ones. It could be your old desks, drawers, or filing cabinets. There are so many things that can be upgraded and reused. 

General Relocation Costs to Consider

Consider the first month’s rent for your new office space. Some owners need three months’ rent in advance. As a result, it is preferable to consider these when budgeting for an office move.

When making a budget plan, don’t forget to include the furniture cost. Your office furniture should be ordered well in advance, so it arrives at your new office on time. Also, include costs for any damage caused to the old office. Finally, remember to include insurance for your new location. You must include all these expenses in your budget so you have a clear picture of your overall cost. Only then you will be able to budget the whole move. 

Get Quotes From Movers

The wise thing to do would be to ask for multiple quotes from Dubai movers and packers for offices. This will give you a good idea of the cost for each provider. Ask them about the number of services included in the price quote. However, keep a margin in your budget for a few spikes as the final price tag may get high, such as delays in the completion of a task. This has the added benefit of ensuring you can pay for things if such delays add to the final cost.


Budgeting or for that matter office moving is not an easy task, but it’s extremely necessary if you want to keep the cost within your budget and also keep the whole process as smooth as possible. 

If doing it on your own is not feasible for you due to any number of reasons, you can always go for professional help. ServiceMarket offers the facility to book office moving companies in Dubai. Simply visit the website, get quotes from some of the best companies, and choose the one that suits your budget. You never know you get a great deal which is also easy on your pocket!Β 

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