Abu Dhabi to India: International Moving Costs Explained

Moving from Abu Dhabi to India

International moving from Abu Dhabi to India will come with quite a few expenses. The best way to handle the financial burden of moving is to leave no room for surprises. You should know exactly what you’ll be paying for before you start moving. ServiceMarket helps you understand your moving costs so that you can budget your move efficiently.

Moving Company Fees

One of the biggest expenses involved in relocation is the fees you pay to international moving companies in Abu Dhabi. The cost of shipping from Abu Dhabi to India varies depending on several factors. The first factor to take into consideration is the volume and weight of your belongings. The heavier and bigger your items are, the more it will cost to ship them. Next, you need to consider the shipping method you choose to move your belongings. The cheapest moving method is by sea, and the most expensive is by air. Shipping one container from the UAE to India will cost you between AED 11,000 and 20,000.

Next, think about the exact service you need. Are you moving door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-port? Obviously, port-to-port is the cheapest option. Once you’ve got all these items figured out, think about the exact destination your moving. If the city you are moving to is a commonly travelled to city by the relocation company, then it will cost you a lot less than a more remote and less known location.

Other than the basic cost, there may be some extra fees you will pay to the moving company. For example, you will need to pay extra for special services such as packing and unpacking, furniture assembly and disassembly, as well as moving heavy items such as pianos. If you are also looking to move your vehicle and pets along with you to India, keep in mind that these come at a totally separate and often hefty price.

Insurance Cost

Getting transit insurance when you are moving from Abu Dhabi to India is an absolute no brainer. However, on top of just basic moving insurance, you may also need to get special insurance for expensive or fragile items. You should also think about getting travellers medical and accident insurance since you are making a big trip and to an unknown environment.

Storage Costs

You may need to pay storage costs on separate occasions. For example, if you are keeping some items such as furniture or even your car in storage in Abu Dhabi, you will need to pay these storage fees. You will be paying storage fees in India if your items arrive before you can pick them up at the port or your new home.Β 

Taxes/Customs/Visa Cost

On top of the moving company fees and other service fees you will be paying during your move, you will also need to pay taxes. Don’t forget that you’ll also need to pay for your visa to India as well as any fees related to getting paperwork ready. Finally, you will most likely be paying some kind of customs charges once you reach India which your international mover should make you aware of.


One of the big costs you’ll be facing during your move is airfare. The bigger your family, the more this will cost. Take into consideration that travelling costs on top of airfare will include taxi fares, car rentals, and food you’ll be eating along the way.

Housing Costs

Moving to India will also mean finding accommodation, which means you could be paying for hotels while you get settled in, and buying or renting a new home right away. Finally, don’t forget about the fees you will be paying when you have your Abu Dhabi home cleaned and repaired before it is handed back to the landlord.

Buying New Items

When you’re moving internationally, a big portion of your budget will go towards buying new items you couldn’t take along with you to India. You will likely be buying an entirely new set of appliances and a lot of new furniture. You will likely also be paying to buy a car in India.

To get started on setting a moving budget and understanding all the costs that come with international moving, visit ServiceMarket and get free quotes from professional international movers in Abu Dhabi.Β 

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