Moving a Single Furniture Item with the Help of Movers in Dubai

Single item movers in Dubai

Moving furniture in a busy city like Dubai can be tiresome even if it is a single piece of furniture. For example, you might want a piano to be moved to another location. Or, you might be thinking of gifting a large table or a sofa to a friend. In either of the situations, you will require the help of professional movers because sometimes even a single piece of furniture can be very tricky to handle. In this case, it is better to take help from single item movers in Dubai.Β 

How Do I Ship Large Furniture in Dubai?

Shipping is not a one-man show. It involves careful planning, packing, loading, and then unloading, unpacking, and setting everything in your new place. While you might be able to move small objects yourself, the larger ones definitely require teamwork. Therefore, you should look for experienced furniture movers in Dubai to have a stress-free move.Β Β 

Finding the Right Single Item Movers in Dubai

There are various furniture moving companies in Dubai that offer services for moving single items. You need to research the best ones in your vicinity that offer this service based on your budget and location. Once done, there are a few other things you must know about before the actual move.

Packing the Furniture Piece

Packing carefully is key to ensuring it reaches its destination safely. 

  • Furniture Inspection

When you hire the movers, they’ll come to your aid and do all the work for you. They will carefully monitor and inspect the type of furniture that needs to be moved and plan all other things accordingly. Inspecting will let them know about what packaging the item will need, the supplies, moving equipment, and the estimated cost of transportation. 

  • Furniture Cleaning

If during inspection, the furniture needs to be cleaned, some movers might even clean the furniture meticulously. This is so because debris and dust might scratch your furniture while on the move. It also ensures that you won’t be bringing dirty or dusty furniture to your nice and clean new place. 

  • Dismantling the Furniture

Sometimes it might not be possible to move a large piece of furniture like a bed, or a cabinet as is. In such situations, your movers might dismantle your furniture into smaller manageable pieces that can be easily packed and transported. This may also help minimize damage to your item while moving. Ideally, the legs and top of any furniture to be moved should be removed as they are delicate. Any other detachable parts must be taken into consideration before the packing process starts.

  • Packing

If you dismantle the furniture piece, you might need to use a plastic bag to keep all the screws, knobs, and other smaller pieces. Label those bags and tape them so that they remain secure. Furthermore, when packing a fragile item like a mirror, you should use towels, bubble wrap, and newspapers. Your movers will know which wrapping material to use as per the item while moving furniture in Dubai.Β To ensure that your boxes remain intact and secure, consider strapping all sides of a box with polypropylene ropes.

Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape might not be enough for large furniture. There are a lot of other packaging supplies available as per the size and weight of the item. Most of these supplies might be available online or at any local hardware store. However, if you hire expert movers, they’ll bring these supplies with them. These packing items may include corrugated cardboard boxes, furniture covers, furniture pads, bubble wrap, polypropylene straps, plastic stretch wrap, and moving blankets.Β 

For wooden furniture, avoid using plastic or bubble wrap as it can damage the item’s surface. However, you can use furniture pads or a moving blanket under the plastic wrap to avoid direct contact.

Moving the Furniture

Once you have packed the piece of furniture safely, it is time to think about the moving process. The service providers take care of this for you too!

  • Measuring and Clearing Doorways

Careful planning before starting the moving process helps make it easier and quicker. When moving a large piece of furniture, your mover will probably measure the doorway and hallways to check if they can pass through them easily. This will help them figure out if something needs to be removed or if there is any other exit way. 

So, make sure that all the pathways are clear and clutter-free. 

  • Getting the Right Moving Equipment

Large pieces of furniture usually require special moving equipment which will be provided by your moving company. Depending upon the weight and size of the item, they might use gliders or moving straps.

Transporting Furniture

For transporting the furniture item from one place to another the movers bring trucks or vans as per the size of the item. Keep in mind that the moving cost will depend on the distance between your place and the new location. 


With a little help from furniture moving companies, you can rid yourself of the stress of moving. An extra helping hand is always great therefore you should consider opting for single item furniture movers in Dubai. You can easily get free quotes on ServiceMarket and hire furniture movers in Dubai according to your requirements.   

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