Things You Need to Do as Soon as You Move In

Moving to your new Dubai home

You have just paid the security deposit, handed over the rent cheques and signed the contract. Now you have to find an excellent moving company in Dubai and shift your belongings to your new home. Many people think that is all they need to do and that their moving adventure ends there, but that is simply not true. ServiceMarket has compiled a list of things you need to do as soon as you move in. Trust us! If you don’t follow this advice, you might be holding a box full of regrets later.

Moving to a new home in Dubai

Take photos

You need to document the damage that was already there when you moved in so you don’t have any issues with your landlord in the future. Make sure all the photos have timestamps. You can present these when you are moving out. The photos will also help track and fix any damage caused by you before you move out so you can get your full security deposit back.

Change the locks

You don’t know how many people have keys to your new home so it is best to change the locks so you can sleep easy at night. It is a good idea to change the hardware of all the locks and deadbolts, instead of just rekeying the locks.

Change the filters

Replace filters in the heating and air conditioning units as well as the kitchen and bathroom spigots. Who knows when was the last time these were changed. Besides controlling your energy costs and having good water pressure, you won’t have dust blowing into your home from choked filters. Remember to put a replacement date on the filter as you install it so you know when you need to change it.

Use a bug bomb

If you arrived before your pets and family release a bug bomb in your new home. Close all the windows and doors and leave drawers and cupboards open as you vacate the house for a few hours. This will kill any pests that were hiding in your new home and not have you worrying about bedbugs and cockroaches that are pretty common in Dubai. You can also hire a pest control company in Dubai to thoroughly treat your new home with pesticides. Make sure that you hire a pest control company that is accredited by the Dubai municipality.

Deep clean

Sure, it is a new apartment/villa for you, but who knows how thorough the landlord was in cleaning the place before you moved in. You don’t want to deal with the dust and grime left by previous tenants. And if you used a bug bomb, a thorough cleaning is essential to get rid of the dead bodies (of the bugs of course!). Since you haven’t unpacked the furniture or installed the window treatments, you can really get at all the nooks and crannies and even give the floor a new life. It is best to hire a cleaning company in Dubai to do this for you. The cleaners will be able to give your floors and carpets a new life!

Set up the technology

Check if all the electrical outlets are working properly. If not, call your landlord and get information about the electrician. This is also a good time to set up your entertainment systems so you can start feeling at home from day one.

Get information

Ask the real estate agent, the neighbors and the previous owners/tenants about emergency contacts of service people. It is good to get a recommendation before you hire someone. If anyone isn’t forthcoming with names and numbers, browse reviews of electrical, plumbing and maintenance companies on ServiceMarket.

Plan a housewarming party

Most of us need an incentive to clean and unpack, especially after all the hassle of packing and wrapping things up in our old home that we recently went through. If you decide to throw a housewarming party, say in two weeks, it will give you enough motivation to get things done and get settled in.

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